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About Richard


Having recently retired Richard has decided to formalise his pet sitting business, over the years he has cared for many animals (many brought home by his wife Lillie, including a goat and a sheep!).


Richard's passion is caring for your animals as he would his own which is why he now offers a premium petsitting service.

Richard will stay at your home from a few hours whilst you are out out and about or at work and for longer periods whilst you are away on holiday. Entertaining and caring for your pets and making sure you can return home relaxed in the knowledge your pets have been cared for in a professional, caring and loving manner using only positive and reward based methods. 

Richard understands how stressful it can be having to put your loved and cherished pets in kennels or a cattery and that some pets can't cope with this environment and so offers an affordable alternative whilst also making sure your home is safe and secure whilst you are away.

Regular updates by text, video and phone call are not only offered but welcomed after all he knows how important it is to know what your pets have been up to.

Do you have a dog which needs that special attention, a cat that must have that pawfect routine and feeding time, Richard understands that some animals need that extra attention whether it be medication, nervous or pampered pooch Richard will ensure your pet spends their time as they would if you were at home. 

Take away the stress of leaving your pets and home whilst you are away with Paw and Order Pet Sitting and be safe in the knowledge your pets are being cared for as one of his own. 

From German Shepherds to Mini Dachshunds, Cats to Ponies to Goats and Sheep, Snakes, Bearded Dragons, Birds, Parrots, Hamsters, Gerbils and Guinea pigs and Rabbits Richard has cared for them all!

When not petsitting you will find Richard driving Ethel the family pony, or training one of his girls Vier or Itsy 

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